Terms of Sale


1. I guarantee the health of all animals offered on my site.

I.e. all animals are healthy, according to my knowledge and established enough to be sold.

2. The seller is not responisble for any kind of disease that occurs after the sale and delivery of the animal.

However,MG-Chondros will support its customers in every unpleasant event, with 24/7 customer service via email or phone!

3. Every animal has to feed on its own at least 10 times before beeing offered.

Animals are established on frozen/thawed, prekilled or live-pray.

Every animal will be deliverded with a full documentation about weight, feeding-, shedding- and defectation cycles.

The seller determines when an animal is delivered to his new home,

just to provide the perfect point in time to bring the animal and its new owner together.

Animals can be sexed at the customers desire, at at least 12 months of age

the seller is not accountable for eventual injuries and mistakes that can occur during probing.

4. An animal will be reserved when a deposit of 25% of the total amount is payed.

This deposit is non-refundable!!

The sale is completed after the whole amount is recieved.

5. All offered, established animals are declared as "available/abgabebereit".

Status is changed to "on-hold" if strong interest is expressed by a potential customer via email or phone.

This status ("on-hold") is limited in time to 14 days. If deposit is recieved (25% of the amount)

within this period the status will be changed to"reserved/reserviert".

From that point on the choosen animal is mandatory reserved until the delivery.

After completion of the sale the status is changed to "sold/verkauft"

6. We accept Paypal and bank transfer as payment methods. The customer will obtain payment details via email.

If Paypal is the preferred method, the transaction-fee of 3% is covered by the buyer!!!

7. Local pickup is favored, every customer is welcome to visit me and my animals.

The exact adress will be displayed to the buyer if requested.

International Shipping might be offered, inquire for additional information.

8. I have to declare that no kind of return policies or guarantee will be provided by the seller, since the sale includes live individuals!!

9. The buyer declares his confirmation to the above mentioned terms of sale with the completion of the sale.



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